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a short derivative for the phrase "off the hook"
"ey bluh, scope that ill ass ride, nigguh dat iz Offit."
by kevin glenn August 28, 2005
6 3
a bit crazy, out of the ordinary, strange, unbelievable
That is properly offit!
by Bryn Moore June 03, 2005
17 5
To be off ones tits. Usually involving one or more illegal substances.
Frequently used in text messages to other offits.
"Offit Offit Offit!!"
by Gareth Thomas November 18, 2003
15 4
Being under the influence of energy enhancing drugs. e.g. ectasy, and speed
Awww man, last nite I was so off it, it was unreal.
by Chaotic*Toffee May 02, 2006
15 5
To be off something.
Im pretty off work aye.

Your such a gay cunt, off you.

"I heard someone ripped ya plants man" Yeah, I was pretty off it.
by biz to tha nizzle June 20, 2006
10 4