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pronounced like other foreign languages - chinese, japanese, office-ese. pronounced - office "ease".

description - the cliche, usually trendy language spoken by corporate office / executive types to make themselves seem more intelligent / important than they are, or so busy, or just cool / "in the know" amongst their corporate world colleagues, etc.
examples of cliche words / phrases- Having said that, if you will, essentially, so to speak, others - dude, I wish I could help you, but i'm totally slammed / swamped / jammed. "Thank you / Thanks so much", although never spoken in a way that feels really sincere at all.

I wish she would stop speaking office-ese, she's so annoying.

OMG I really wish Brad would chill (stop) with the office-ese. It's totally annoying.
by optical1 February 24, 2011
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