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Acronym for Online Dating Disorder

When a person has attempted online dating, ad nauseum, and believes they can still "land" the perfect match via said method.
Jim: I really, truly, think I found the one.

Billy: Really? How did you meet her?

Jim: I met her on that online dating site.

Billy: You said that last week, about that last chick.

Jim: I know, but this is the "One."

Billy: Dude, you have ODD.
by jimsnow0 November 15, 2012
Not normal... weird like your mom
That teacher is pretty odd.
by LordNword August 27, 2003
Obsessive Destructive Disorder, in online games obsessed with a perverse pleasure in destroying those who provoke them.
1. That guy kept probing my defenses I finally had enough and my O.D.D. kicked in and I destroyed all he had.

2. I was just building and attacking inactive people minding my own business until provoked then my O.D.D. took over and I went on a rampage in my galaxy.

3. I suffer from EXTREME O.D.D. Imma gonna be like a pit-bull on crack and wipe out you and your pitiful Alliance, if you dont stop being nosy probing me. Remember next time to bring my dang cookies if ya gonna probe me.
by _Mayhem_ May 22, 2010
Open Door Dumping... usually done while home alone, but for the braver/more manly it is done during busy times, (family gathering/houseparties etc.)-the busier the house the better.

It is simple to do, and extremely rewarding! TRY IT!
"Where's Dave?"
"He's just O.D.Ding upstairs"
"But it's his daughters birthday!?"
"I know, he's such a man!"
by wdemps April 03, 2012
A DJ Named Danton Thirroul.. He can only be explained... Ok he can't be...
9:45 Otawan Fouquet: this is an odd song

9:41 Kennef Riggles: these days you are better off giving virigns candy bars.... thats Dantons MO anyhow

9:42 Danton Thirroul: ㋡
9:42 Danton Thirroul has hersheys!
by Isobela Capalini March 14, 2010
Also known as Obessesive Djokovic Disorder; it came about in 2007 when thrird seeded tennis player Novak Djkovic won the Sonny Ericsson Open. After that, many girls varing from ages 12-26 have been obssesively talking, wating videos about him, and singing songs that he sung in karaokes. There is still no known cure for it, but many researchers hope to find one.
" Oh My Gosh, have you see that You Tube video of his, it is soooooo cute! And also, he has a great voice! I totally have ODD!"
by Caterulis April 25, 2008
something diferent or out of place e.g an ugly woman in page three
that is an odd car dont u thing
by samwise October 12, 2003