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A polite word for eye boogers-the dried,crusty material that collects on the inside corners of the eyes during sleep.Ocular smeg is naturally yellow in color,but,in women it can be black,dark blue or brown due to residues from mascara,eyeline,eye shadow,etc. Ocular smegma is very common in poodles and chihuahuas.Eye smeg can be particularly troublesome in persons suffering from colds,allegies,flu and pink eye.For some reason,young children don't like to eat eye smeg as much as they do boogers. Contrary to myth,ocular smegma is NOT caused by the Sand Man.
When I woke up this morning,I thought I had gone blind.It turned out my eyelids were matted shut with ocular smegma.
by wolfbait51 January 07, 2011
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