1. Plural of octopus

2. Pi to the 8th power

3. An octagon shaped pie
Hey man, pass me the octopi
by Eric Gardner February 24, 2008
Someone who is a coward or pussy to an extreme degree (i.e. a pussy to the exponential power of 8)
"Eek! A ladybug just landed on me!!"
"Dude, seriously? You're such an octopus."
by Patsywatsy May 13, 2016
The incorrect plural of the word 'octopus', using a Latin ending for a word ending in 'us', by replacing it with an 'i', as in 'octopi'.

In English, it is correct to say 'octopuses', first used by uneducated peasants who did not know of the word's Greek origin, however, it is still technically incorrect.

The word 'octopus' is Greek (octo=eight, pus=foot), therefor, it's ending should be a Greek ending. The Greek ending of the word 'octopus' is 'octopodes' (pronounced: Ock-Top-Oh-Dez).
Octopi is the number, eight multiplied by pi, so is 25.13274123...
by Octopodes December 08, 2010
The sexual act of putting five fingers (a full fist) in a woman's vagina, and three fingers from the other hand in the butt.
She got so drunk, she gave the other girl an octopus.
by dinoMothaFuckinSaur October 12, 2010
An incorrect pluralization of octopus. Widly accepted by the public, Octopi is the word that most people use. Some people will argue that the proper pluralization is Octopodes, however most biologists will agree that the correct pluralization is Octopuses. (Ref. Sciencs Mag; Vol 307, 25 March 2005)
The abillity of octopuses to escape from enclosures is widly known by keepers in all aquariums
by Pacific Octopus May 08, 2005
A vagina that is big enough to fit 8 dicks.
"Dude did you see that chick? She is HOT!"
"I'd stay away from her dude, I heard she got gang banged by at least 8 guys at the same time."
"GROSS, let's stay away from that Octopus."
by LibertyPrime October 21, 2012
1. a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual
intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; skank
2. Diseased Slut
3. Over used whore
4. Vagina with tentacles
5. Havelock Whore
6. North Carolinian Woman
7. Tenta-Gyner
8. Tentapi
I haven't seen him since he went to North Carolina, I wonder if he was captured by an Octopi?
by Kylar Mayhem August 01, 2010
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