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an extremely hairy cunt.
JEEZ that thing is an octapussy!
by horn + y = Horny April 01, 2003
15 32
Eight sided pussy.
I wish she had an octapussy so all eight of us dudes can get laid, cuz that bitch is a slut.
by Bumpin' Reverend Easy B October 27, 2008
17 6
This is a great James Bond movie! Nothing more, it is a great movie and no keg team should be named after such an epic movie!
Octapussy is a great movie and shouldn't be diminished by a shitty keg team.
by Pussy Fan April 01, 2010
10 5
The number one keg race team in america.Spring Jam 09 Keg RAce champs
The octapussies used a octabong to absolutely demolish every other team in the keg race...OCTAPUSSY
by KING OCTO April 29, 2009
18 15
when the vagina's lips is so fat they is more than 2 of them

its like a cameltoe but theres alot more lips to the human eyes
person 1: did u see that fat girl in them tight jeans?
persson 2: yeah she got a octapussy
by miss______ June 25, 2010
3 9
An extremely smelly or stinky vagina or clit that has the scent of fish or something having to do with the ocean.
Wow bitch you got a stinky octapussy.

How can you get any guys with that octapussy.

Oh my gosh Shavon, why don't you clean your cunt it smells like an octapussy.
by HomeXGnome February 17, 2008
8 14