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Though there is a scientific definition for this word, it can be used in everyday talk. It describes anything that may be considered as high-powered, unstoppable, or near impossible to defend. Usually used when referring to sports but can be used with other topics as well.
I watched the Cubs game last night and it is ridiculous how octane thier offense is!
Did you see that bartender last night? Her body is octane!
by Ritchey February 21, 2006
Any isomeric paraffin hydrocarbon with the formula C8H18, found in petroleum, used as a fuel and solvent.
With highway gas you usually have the choices of 87, 89 and 92 or thereabouts at the pump. High octane fuels will have a higher number such as cam2 which is 110.
When you pull up to the pump and the numbers on the pump are 87, 89 and 92 octane, it's how many hydrocarbons are in the fuel.
by Grapefruit October 27, 2004