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Acronym meaning "Oh come on please". Originated on Yankee Pride Forums, though the exact architect of its creation is unknown. Frequently used by users who are disappointed or refused something. As it is a sports forum, it was often seen in posts regarding a player's performance. It has had its usage on the Open Forum as well though.
User1: Hey, how has Pettitte been pitching today?
User2: Came out of the game in the third, gave up 5 Earned Runs
User1: ocop

User1: Can you teach me how to Photoshop better? I want to make a great Mariano Rivera wallpaper.
User2: No.
User1: OCOP!
by Veritas7Ax July 05, 2009
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replacement of o shit that has become a cult saying at yankee pride boards
by Kneel Dr00k November 14, 2008
O.C.O.P stands for only child of parents
Frank: Hello David, are you making plans to date your next door neighbor? I have noticed you like looking at her a lot.

David: Who, Susan?. It is quite a challenge because the lady is O.C.O.P and her parents might be over protective considering her age too.
by Subxiii March 03, 2011

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