abbreviation for 'oh come on' when using instant messanger.
Screen name 1: I invented pencils!
Screen name 2: OCO!
by Laura November 11, 2003
Top Definition
A: a ruthless gang of street theives.

B: a drinking, wrecking, skating team.

c: a clan of parklers parkle
a- you see those oco boys?
b- yeah, they really tore shit up.
by chris.keebler June 27, 2004
Overly considerate of others. Noun or verb. You can be OCO or you can act OCO. A person who is being OCO will put strangers before themselves and their loved ones.
You shouldn't have let that person with the cart full of groceries go in front of you. You were being totally OCO.
by glowrat January 27, 2016
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