a sick ass place, that has many, sluts, jarheads, mexicans, oh and madddd fuckin paisas!!! haha everyone knows everyone and the beaches are always packed with sexy surfer dudes and chiks , alot of random ass people smoke weed, if you live in oceanside odds are your gunna have a problem with drugs, sex, or alcohol later in life, but thats alrite, oceanside is sick as fuck and if yur not down for the city get the fuck, us oceansiders hate carlsballs(carlsbad) because there wack wastoids with no life, oceansides the shit, if yu go, you wont wanna leave, well depends caz sometimes oceanside sucks asssss!!!! and is like hell hahah
chick 1-hey foo wanna go to oceanside and get fucked? caz carlsballs blows dick, and i heard theres alot of parties and dope ass people there.

chick 2-hell yea im down for whatever, oceanside is fuckin awesome

chick 1- fuck yea!!! i'll call up my homeboys an i'll bring this one hoe so she can give him road head so we wont have to give up gas money

chick 2- dope foo, lets dip out!
by calilove760baby March 30, 2009
Top Definition
Where amphetamines and jarheads flow like wine. Also, where Sammy Hagar has been spotted at the In-n-Out Burger.
Oceanside features a unique variety of retailers, including Outer Limits Smoke Shop and Amvets.
by Fluxcapacitor May 23, 2005
The best place to live.Mostly mexicans and Samoans that live there.Lots of rival gangs.Mostly everyone knows eachother there.
I was born and raised in oceanside california.

I live in calle montecito
by Karlachavira April 07, 2008
A city by the sea. A very diverse community, including many paisas, surfers, scene kids, jocks, and bums. The Fourth Of July is the most exciting day of celebration there. The beaches are never too crowded with kooks. Everyone wears shorts everyday unless they are emo/ gang bangers. Definitley a beautiful town.
"Have you been to Oceanside's beaches?"
" Yes, my friend was arrested for drinking on the beach."
by SportyspiceSB October 05, 2009
What to say about oceanside? Well, besides the nice weather; the beach, There's more to that. Gang violence, Drugs, and so on... Diversity, EVERYONE knows EVERYONE. Your known by where you live. HOOD . The different neighborhoods are.. The Eastside, Mid Valley, Deep Valley, Tri-City, South O, Or Center Street.. The mexican food is the best. And sad to say, but at least ONE person knows someone who has passed away, been locked up, or is in a gang.
You.) For a nice lookin area, this place sure has a bad rep.

Me.) Well, welcome to Oceanside CA btchh
by Oceanside760 May 20, 2010
1) A mecca for Jarheads
2) A breeding ground for current and future high school military wives.
3) A place where the only good thing to do is watch movies.
"A jarhead stabbed me in Oceanside"
by 830123 April 29, 2005
A city located in Oceanside, California. Many Marines, Crips, Bloods, Mexican Gangs. A bad place to be if your wearing the wrong color. Especially watch out for the Bloods and going to the valley... Very dangerous...
I was visiting my cousin in oceanside and went to a then 20 samoan bloods surrounded me for wearing blue. I'm glad i was from out of town and they saw my Arizona license plate.
by The Poster June 18, 2006
A Long Island town that was once a clean and popular destination, is now filled with Pot-smokers, Alcoholics and Extreme drug addicts. Studies showed that out of 10 kids, 8 are either high or drunk. The town is 26 and half miles outside Manhattan, NY.
I Live in Oceanside, you mean you smoke or drink every day of your life?
by HistoryRepeatsitself29 June 03, 2012
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