A stupid little sticker people from ohio and shit, buy while vacationing here in North Carolina. Mostly bought and repped by people that have been there only once or twice.

These stickers are used by the redneck locals to find out who they need to shoot next.
Jim Bob: He man look at that there OBX sticker, i know he aint a local.

Alex: Go home, your ruining my beach i've grown up to fuckers.
by Abarthel March 01, 2009
OBX = Outer Banks of NC. I have a sticker because it reminds me of vacation!!! If someone thinks a simple sticker makes someone a snob, that's their own issue. I've gone to OBX (four?) times, share the rental cost with 7 other people, stay in a less commercial town (it's a secret), and have a blast!!!
Vacationing at OBX is pure enjoyment!
by srm55 January 12, 2007
Not only is it a sticker, but some particualryly dorky/retarded/affluent/effluent/etc people in the Washington DC area have paid extra to put it on their license plates.
If you paid extra to get a personalzed license plate with OBX on it, you are a true pile of effluent.
by blecch!!!!!!! January 11, 2005
Refers to the Outer Banks Of North Carolina. Not including the towns of Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Corolla, Duck and other nothren part of the so called "Main Land." Includes Avon, Waves, Rodathe, Salvo, Buxton, Frisco, Hatteras Village and Ocracroak. In sticker form, it usually means that people have only been to the "Main Land" ansd not Cape Hatteras.
Guy 1: Dude I totally went to this place over the summer and rode the sickest waves.

Guy 2: Where?

Guy 1: This place called S-Curves. It's in the OBX.
by weirdnjfan1 October 27, 2005
stupid bumper stickers for stupid tourists from places like ohio who've never seen the ocean or surfed or anything. a hazard to normal local people
Dodge Caravan, OBX

extra letters so i can put this example
by clark January 29, 2005

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