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a term used to denote extreme ownage on the oboe, particularly when one has attained mastery of a certain aspect of music on the aforementioned instrument. This can occur in brief periods of time for beginning oboists, particularly when they are not making sounds like a dying duck, cow, flamingo, etc. However, seasoned players maintain it in an almost constant state, due to the natural ownage of the instrument in general. While practicing, these oboe vets will often strive to acheive greater levels of obownage, often resulting in competitions to determine alpha oboe.
Oboe vet one: I just played a two octave F# scale! Complete obownage!
Oboe vet two: Well, I played a B flat three octave scale earlier, which tops your obownage.
Oboe beginner: I managed to play a one octave F scale without ruining the eardrums of people around me, so I have achieved obownage too.
by 04music21 October 19, 2011
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