An awesome woodwind instrument which the whole orchestra tunes to. Produces a beautiful pure sound usually meant for slow sad pieces but sometimes for light and quick pieces.
I play the oboe
by wizaloopxxx March 03, 2015
Pronounced "Owbu" in English.
Slang for a joint in Dutch.
Jij moet niet zo veel oboe roken ouwe!

(Don't smoke that many joints stupid!)
by n008a April 11, 2009
Acronym standing for Off By One Error. Commonly used in the Computation Science field to indicate a bit of code (often a bad for loop) that will produce a result that is off by one.
//count to ten

for(i = 1 ; i < 10 ; i++)

//This bit of code will produce 123456789 and leave off the ten. Hence, an OBOE.
by Mr 2.718281828459045... January 17, 2009
An old hobo
Ashley: Dan, you're so old... and Homeless!

Brandon: Ha ha ha.. Dan, you're an oboe!

Sheena: I'm queen of the f'n jungle and I love peanut butter! Oh, and ha ha.. Oboe! ha ha ha
by Precision Nationally August 19, 2011
A retarded/slow/mentally handicapped person, usually refers to a band member that is. May also refer to a bad musician.
That guy is such an Oboe, he can't even play wrong notes right!
by Accordion November 05, 2010
Oboe is slang for an obese person, especially if they are morbidly Obese. Also for people that overeat
Person 1; OMG, she eats ALOT
Person 2; Oh yeah shes a total oboe, dude.
by Swiss Miss Baby September 06, 2010
A woodwind that is very difficult to play and is best taken in small doses!
What's the difference between an oboe and an onion? Nobody cries when you chop up the oboe.
by Hallie Corson September 08, 2005
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