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ADJ. Not having a keen conscious awareness; Lacking memory (forgetful)
1. Bush is oblivious to budget disaster.

2. It certainly takes some degree of obliviousness for someone who has
invited himself over to your table to recognize that he is unwelcome.
by Steve Beger March 12, 2004
To lack all memory; being forgetful and
Lacking conscious awareness this is called being; unmindful.
"He accused her of being delirious she didn't care she is just oblivious"

"The two were inlove, the beauty was oblivious"
by Kelly Louise forster :) October 02, 2008
really stupid and unaware
Wow, I'm really oblivious, I never realize when people are on the phone and then I make an ass out of myself.
by yeargh March 27, 2015
A word that sounds really cool... what does this mean, anyway?
Me: I'm OBLIVIOUS!!!11111
Other person: Well one thing's for sure; you're oblivious to the meaning of "oblivious".
by sixhunderedandfive July 27, 2007
Lack of knowledge, lack of desire
Brilz is oblivious to the fact that women will never be equal to men, especially when it comes to intelligence and sports.
by GEOFF November 16, 2004
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