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The end of fear, as told said by The Scarecrow (Jonathan Crane) in Batman: Arkham Asylum after Batman is defeated by him.
"And at the end of fear...oblivion." - Scarecrow
by Neiyou Spyder May 09, 2011
11 1
the best game ever. hands down.
its just amazing. oblivion made me want to play a game that made me feel like a nerd. i will buy any game bethesda produces, solely because of how awesome this game was.
by cmxx05 December 19, 2009
11 3
Very possibly the best video game in the history of mankind, existence and the universe. If you haven't heard of this game you don't use your brain, you probably use your arse; or worse you are a poet. If you do not know of Oblivion a secret organisation whose name I cannot expose will come around to your place of residence and feed your balls to the dogs of hell or spray insect repellent in your eyes or insert spasm juice into your blood stream.

And if you have heard of it you are blessed by the Infinite Power Of Christ.

So you are either chosen by the messiah or you have a death wish.
Superman: Dude, Oblivion Rocks!!

Jesus: Oh yeah man.

A Spasm ridden Leper: Whats Oblivion Dudes?

Superman: Lol... Wait you serious?

Jesus:Oh lord, give me strength, give me strength to kick this noobs ass!
by The Stranger That Saved Your L August 01, 2009
11 10
n. The greatest Joint the world has ever seen. Made from a Rooster's plant, it's remains were buried beneath a white cross, beside the rolling stone, in a secret garden infested with gremlins. May it rest in peace.
guy #1 "hey man you remember when we smoked oblivion?"
guy #3 "hell yeah!"
guy number #2 to guy #3 "YOU WEREN'T THERE!!!!"
by draykfyre August 24, 2010
3 6
A total state of confusion a social disconnection.
A game that one day you will start, the next, its 2 years later.
Side effects may include loss of weight, socially disabled, Anal Leakage, Skin becomes pale, Shitting and pissing into a bottle, Oilly discharge, Eating roman noodles every night, withdrawal, loss of sex drive, Excessive masterbation, Destruction of your mind, and finally it may (although rare) cause you to find fat people attractive.
When I played Oblivion, I felt compelled to masterbate.

Man, I thought Rosie O'Donnell was hot when I played Oblivion.

by Edward Beck April 28, 2007
18 22
The fourth, and worst installment of the series. with decent graphics, and in depth environments (look more Forrest) though the game has a following of people who have never actually played the originals. where ever Oblivion succeed it fails twice somewhere else. Oblivion lacks in that RPG game play that you look for in an Elder Scrolls game. and to add insult to injury they took the best race in the game (dunmer) and made them look like fat homoerotic smurfs with a 12 year old child's voice.

though this game wasn't bad, it was an utter disgrace for a TES game.
Hey did you beat oblivion yet?" "no I stopped playing after 20 minutes
by Techfighterminal June 26, 2011
5 11
the end of the world and the nothingness that would be after
boom were all dead ahhhhhhh the 4 horsemen
by dlllllllllllll May 11, 2005
35 63