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Oblivious Idiot; A foolish or stupid person lacking conscious awareness;
Look at that oblidiot. They were too busy talking on their cellphone that they didn't even see the stop sign and almost plowed into that school bus.
by Doug LaRue April 27, 2004
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Part 'oblivious' and part 'idiot', an "oblidiot" is a term first coined to describe idiot drivers who are also completely oblivious to others who may be driving near them in traffic. More recently, the term has adopted a more generic definition to describe those who are simply "oblivious idiots".
Hey, look at this oblidiot! She just swerved across two lanes without looking and cut right in front of me to get in this lane. There were signs for the past 2 miles warning that there was a toll coming up! And here we sit, while she sorts through her purse looking for change. Oh wait! Now she's opened the car door to look on the pavement for some change! Ah! I can't believe she's popped the trunk open! In the tollway booth! Unbelievable!!
by RASwanson January 15, 2006

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