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Obby= o bby= oh baby.
Pronounced: aw bee.

See:oh baby,babeh.
Guy: *smacks ass*
Girl: obby!
by Jay :3 June 23, 2008
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Short for obstacle course. Often used on the website "ROBLOX".
lets got to that obby
by anotherusername1111 February 13, 2010
For Roblox: Obstacle course
You: Hey wanna go to the easiest obby?
Noob: What's an obby?
by Octus The Robot May 01, 2011
Obsidian in the game minecraft
Hey im gonna go mine obby for our big grief on infinium
by SnowballGaming June 03, 2011
A klepto thief who uses piss vapour to distract you from when he steals shit.
You: Obby, you smell like piss. Hey! Where the heck is my black marker?
by Bahati September 04, 2007
the name given to the one kid in every group of friends that you keep around only to make fun of.

no matter what you do, where you go, obby will find you and stand at your side whether you like it or not.
"hey obby, come on over you cunt bag"
"man, why is that cunt bag obby here?"
by Faux Vie August 10, 2007
Slang for dickhead, loser, idiot.
Man, that skank is acting obby-ish.
by SlappyMcGee August 27, 2006

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