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A town in Melbourne where Wogs can freely roam the streets and beat Turks till their hearts desire. Also home to many illegal fighting rinks, porno studios, crack dens and subarus
I was down in Oakleigh having a souv when a bunch of greeks attacked me and mistook me for a turk
#wog #greek #turk #souvlaki #melbourne
by kkkaretheonlyniggers July 03, 2008
A town in South Eastern Melbourne. A house here in 2011 averages about 1 million AUD.
High density of Greeks.
Has a reputation for being a cafe town.
"I'm going to Oakleigh today for a coffee with Maria."
"Have fun, better learn Greek.
#oakleigh south #oakleigh east #hughesdale #oakley #oakliegh
by NotGreekFromOakleigh June 30, 2011
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