When online, used to express a state of utter wtfness, or when you simply cannot believe the stupidity of what the person above has just said. It kind of reminds me of a paralysed frog.
Person: OMGWTFBBQ, lawlorz i sooooooooooooooooo pwned
joo /\/00b!!!1 1!1!1!!1im sooo awsum!!111!11one!!! !11!!!!eleven!!! "11!"211! LOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL LOLOLLOLOLLOLIPOP

You: O_O
by Master of Contradictions September 24, 2007
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Confused, stunned, or weirded out.
o_O what do you mean?
o_O what is that?!
o_O Whoa wtf
by DWBoy February 19, 2003
These are faces used in chatrooms, emails, and Instant messengers.

o eyes
. or - or _ mouth

* you also can add the ; as in sweat drops in expressions like: Surprized, weirded out, scared, or Thats emberessing..
Examples or Faces:

<(-"-)> - Kirby
'x' - Kitty
(^.^) - Bunny
('o' ) - Bird
(| |)
( '_o' ) - Koala bear thing..
by Ashi-San February 11, 2004
1. O_O: shock
2. o_O or O_o: confusion, wtf?, etc.
>O_O you're KIDDING!
2. >I want to have your children.
>o_O but you're a guy . . .
by the das October 25, 2004
When you are compelled to say something, but lack the subject matter.

Used in place of " Ok... " or " Right... ", etc.
"Dude, I just killed my mother."
by CoreyD April 03, 2005
A state of shock and dismay.
"foobar1: my puter doesnt open this prog
foobar2: o_O"
"foobar1: o_O thats an odd error"

AKA: O_o, =o
by Ruben Mothballs January 25, 2003
A sign that means blink, as in dumbfounded or have no other words.
USer: (thinks).......o_O what?
by One (1) Crazy Idiot December 22, 2004
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