somewhat of an island\ rock band, amazingly good, although a bit obscure
of a revolution is awesome!
by grisha July 16, 2003
12 foot carbon fiber pole with hatchet shape on one and rubber handles that relentlessly rips skin from you hand. usually carried by real men along with 64ft long carbon fiber or fiberglass boats.
Real athletes row, all others are just playing games....


Shut up or I'll spin this oar over my head and shove up your ass!
by Terrasque September 25, 2003
n. A large wooden object used for propelling you in water from a boat often in the often cliche "creek".
You could listen to O.A.R. but if you don't have an oar and are in a creek you are FUCKED.
by Dr. Gupta May 04, 2005
Original Aspect Ratio - playing a movie in the original way it was filmed and meant to be shown/look. Original Aspect Ratio (OAR) is a home cinema term for the aspect ratio or dimensions in which a film or visual production was produced — as envisioned by the people involved in the creation of the work. The aspect ratio of an image is its width divided by its height.
AMC HD always stretches its pictures, they seem to never play movies in the OAR.
by blammy May 28, 2009
wicked kick ass hippy band
Man 1: o.a.r was fucking sick in concert last night
Man 2: wheres all my weed?
by MARKY MARK March 19, 2005
Stigs loves tangus
If two different sized spoons were in a bed, Stigs would be the little spoon and Tangus would be the big spoon wearing boots
by o.a.r. fan August 11, 2003
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