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out-sult; Verb.

V. out-sult-ed, out-sult-ing, out-sults

a. To treat with great sensitivity or contemptuous approval.

b. To be praised for supreme awesomeness.

Comes from the Latin word goatface, which are sacred in some South American cultures.
Person One: Mike, your package looks amazing in those jeans!

Person Two: Thank you Dave, I am very outsulted.
by JikeMones February 09, 2010

a. term to describe a band you previously enjoyed.
b. a way to explain a total sellout.
A: Person 1; Did you see that band last night?
Person 2; Yeah, seeing them made me feel so O.A.R n't.

B: Dude, your being very O.A.R. n't. Stick to your guns!
by JikeMones February 09, 2010
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