Where child actors go, besides the Ivies, because:

1) They can't hack it at any other school
2) Just want to say they went to college in NYC for 2-3 years
3) Did poor research on other universities


4) Just luv NYC and most likely have no clue that NYC consists of 5 boroughs.
NYU - Tisch is overrated for acting. You want to polish your craft? Go to Julliard. You want rigorous academics? Go to the University of Chicago or Washington University-St. Louis.
by MidwestPride June 13, 2011
New York University- A massively overrated school that everyone wants to go to. Most of these kids come from suburbs and don't know any other universities in NYC.

Rather than doing some research on other great schools in the area (i.e. Fordham University, Columbia University) they all want to go to NYU because they "love New York".

Also, they probably know nothing about NYC, and believe that Manhattan is NYC, completely forgetting that there are 4 OTHER BOROUGHS.
Dumbass: "omgz I'm gunna apply to NYU. I luv new yorx!!1!1"

well-read intellectual at Columbia: "oh nice...so how do you like the village?"

dumbass: "omgz i luv new yorx bcuz it's awsumz...wutz the village?" *Takes C train to Brooklyn*
by Erg45 August 28, 2009
A place where kids from the northeast go when they get rejected from Columbia. They then tend to resign themselves to their fate and subsequently try to convince themselves and anyone else stupid enough to listen that its actually as good if not better than Columbia or anywhere else.
Student 1: where do you go to school?
Student 2: Columbia.
Student 1: Really, I go to NYU, we just got ranked in the top ten in US News and World Report's Best Colleges!!! Pretty good, huh??
Student 2: Yeah, I guess.....
Student 1: You think I can get into Columbia grad school?

by blister August 23, 2007
What Puchiko ends all her sentances in :D
by Navi April 01, 2003
Now You're Unemployed

The most overrated school ever
90= percentage of tisch graduates who are now unemployed

75= percentage of stern graduates who are now unemployed

100= percentage of NYU graduates who cannot calculate percentages
by Don't forget the hot sauce chulo November 06, 2003
A school for people who want to pay as much tuition as Columbia requires, but don't have the brains to get in.
NYU is New York City's second best school.
by CaptainCondescending June 02, 2004
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