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A word, popularized by Voldemort, used to express extreme emotion, most often anger or hate.
Harry Potter: "Come on, Tom. Let's finish this the way we started, together." *jumps off cliff*

Voldemort: *as they are falling* "NYEAH!!!!!!!"
by Xeno LoveGood June 20, 2011
50 7
there is no definition, it can be used in any way
1. Man that is so nyeah!
2. I'm going to nyeah you up so bad
4. i got nyeah'd..
5. Holy nyeah!
by Peter Hwang October 25, 2006
55 22
A noise Lord Voldemort seems to make quite a lot, usually before falling off a cliff or doing something epic.
Example 1 -
Harry: Come on, Tom. Let's finish this the way we started it. Together!
Voldemort: NYEAH!!!

Example 2 -
Voldemort: Only I can live forever. NYEAH!!!
by skafruit29 August 29, 2011
6 0
The sound an airplane makes. Can be yelled at quiet moments to freak people out. Can also be used to end awkward silences. Is sometimes followed by "I'm going in!"
*Classroom suddenly grows awkwardly quiet* "...Nyeah!" *Laughter, and strange looks* "Nyeah!" "Nyeah, I'm going in!"
by CodeRandom February 27, 2011
6 2
A general word used when the intention is to emphasize a taunt or poke fun, tickle, dig, cut, gibe, jab, jeer or otherwise gesticulate derisively.
I have bested you once again, you humper of other peoples dogs! N'YEAH!
by lacerda January 01, 2013
1 1
Acronym for "not yeah", usually used as a sound of discontent, especially when someone does is not enthusiastic about something another person has said.
Tom: "So what did you think of that movie?"

Sam: "Nyeah, it was okay."
by Big White August 19, 2004
21 26