Two one of a kind girls found only in Philadelphia. they eat penguins, grab and kiss cheeks, have an obsession of hot cheetos. They are the most horniest virgins (for now). They find toes utterly attractive and scrumpcious. They like to make skits about random people they see or things they've shortly experienced. They laugh about everything.

The chant that the "nyes" use before eating, or when they are finishing a funny sentence.
One of the nyes: Scrumbling around the desk, suddenly a cheek pops into its invisible eyes, {GRAB} it goes.

And maybe we can catch on to some toe sex later on....*softly* nye.
by isabella :} July 05, 2008
The last name of Bill, best known for his contributions to the field of televised science.
"Hey, Bill Nye the Science Guy is on!"
"Sweet dude!"
by Jack324 September 18, 2007
Originally a variant of "yes", used to express joy at something unbearably sexy. Came from people's inability to type when they were so erotically excited.
"Did you see that guy's abs????"

by tmbzem September 11, 2011
A noncommittal response, somewhere in between 'no' and 'yes'.
Mike: "Hey Fred, want to go play in traffic?"

Fred: "I'm going to have to say 'nyes' to that."
by Mr. Narglesby November 30, 2009
An overally exagerated lie. Total and absolute embelishment.
1. This dude is allways exagerating, he is such a nyer.

2. Son! You did not invent the space shuttle!! Stop NYING!
by Tha Trend Setta November 22, 2011
The 'Thom Ford' way of pronounciating Yes. A very common phrase in England started by Thom Ford
by Him October 13, 2003
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