An abbreviation and safe way for a white guy to say for "Nigga You Crazy." when in public.
Friend : "I went ham on this girl and then the next day I got with this porn star. I am also thinking about moving to Australia in the fall but I need to get with that girl I met last week at the bookstore. Hey you got any green? I want to smoke."

Friend 2: "NYC."
by MrSniffles October 07, 2012
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the best city in the united states if not the world, you can spend your entire life in nyc and be more cultured than someone who travelled the entire united states.
anyone born here or even who's been here knos that nothing else compares. anywhere else in ny is not even close to being as good as nyc
Westchester is a fucking shit hole and NYC is amazing.
by bob February 09, 2005
The greatest city on earth. By about 150,000 miles.
"People from NYC might be a little arrogant, but it's because they can be. When you're surrounded by greatness in the home of a million legends, it's understandable why you'd be a little cocky."
by Lazarus Ciccone September 01, 2005
The Capital of the World! aka the Worlds Second Home
word u was in da nyc!
by Blunt nigga August 10, 2005
the most fashionable and cosmopolitan city i've ever been.are you sure it is in the us????
nyc is tres tres bien!!!
by s.l December 13, 2003
Did you hear about LA, Chicago, Tokyo, London, Rome, Paris, or Cairo or any other city? Yea, well they are all NOTHING compared to NYC. NYC is the best city in the world. Any other comment is unacceptable. Spider-man swings around here and he loves it. Al capone was born here. NYC is also known as The Big Apple, and I like apples! :)
person #1: Fuck NYC!

person #2: I'm from NYC...

Person #1: Oh shit I'm sorry please don't kill me!!!

Person#2: No, bow down!

Person #1: ok!!! whatever you say!!! **bows down**

Person #2: Now kiss my shoes!!!

Person #1: OK!! OK!!! **kiss shoes**

Person #2: Now kill yourself.

Person #1: Ok! BOOM!!!

Person #2: hah... it's good to be a new yorker.
by nyc dude July 10, 2008
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