"yarr" with an 'n' in front of it. Generally used in the same way as yarr, but often has a negative meaning.
Aubrey: I hate you.
Steve: nyarr.
by Steve April 11, 2004
Top Definition
A nerdly exclamation which can be used mockingly or pejoratively towards other nerds and/or technophiles most often out of frustration. Often used at the beginning and end of a statement as in the example.
Nyarr... I think the WAN port on that Cisco 2600 just went bad... nyarr!
by ALLurGroceries January 19, 2007
An interjection most often associated with anger and/or resentment towards something previously mentioned.
John: How'd you like today's science test, Mary?
Mary: NYARR!!!!
by Aubrey March 16, 2004
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