An interjection most often associated with anger and/or resentment towards something previously mentioned.
John: How'd you like today's science test, Mary?
Mary: NYARR!!!!
by Aubrey March 16, 2004
Top Definition
A nerdly exclamation which can be used mockingly or pejoratively towards other nerds and/or technophiles most often out of frustration. Often used at the beginning and end of a statement as in the example.
Nyarr... I think the WAN port on that Cisco 2600 just went bad... nyarr!
by ALLurGroceries January 19, 2007
"yarr" with an 'n' in front of it. Generally used in the same way as yarr, but often has a negative meaning.
Aubrey: I hate you.
Steve: nyarr.
by Steve April 11, 2004
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