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means "happy" according to An Cafe's lead singer Miku. The opposite of it is of course: "un-nyappy". The word was created by Miku and some of his school friends when they were younger.
I'm feeling super happy nyappy today!
by KniT April 12, 2007
A word invented by lead singer of An café, Miku . It can be a greeting , it can mean happy , and are you ok (like in french ca va) 0( ≧∀≦ )0
a)as a greeting
person 1. NYAPPY! (with rock hands)
person 2. NYAPPY! (also with rock hands)

b) person 1. NYAPPY! (im happy said when you're happy)

c) person 1. Nyappy?
person 2. NYAPPY!!!
by Hana-smells-like-rotten-onions April 25, 2008
Well nyappy was invented by the lead singer of the jrock band Antic Cafe, Miku. This word can mean a lot of things.
It could be a greeting or a feeling.
A Greeting:
"Nyappy!" - for "Hello" or "Hey wazzup?"

A Feeling:
Today I feel Nyappy!
Meaning you feel wonderful or hyper or excited
by Not_What_You_Expected February 28, 2009
Invented by the J-Rock band An Cafe's Miku, this word can be another word for the feeling happy, or it can be a greeting (such as hello, hi, or hey).

**The symbol for the word "nyappy": o ( ≧ ∀ ≦ ) o

**You can also use rock hands when you say it, but they aren't really needed.
When used as a feeling:

(1) I feel "nyappy" today! o ( ≧ ∀ ≦ ) o

(2) Charlie: "Nyappy?" (as in, "Are you feeling happy?")
Sebastian: "Nyappy!" o ( ≧ ∀ ≦ ) o (as in, "Yes, I'm feeling happy!)

When used as a greeting (like hello):

(1)Charlie: "Nyappy!" (as in "Hello!")
Sebastian: "Nyappy!" o ( ≧ ∀ ≦ ) o (As in, "Hi!")
by Gasuko-chan November 26, 2009

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