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To be different. Not caring about what others think. To be unique and ambitious. To be higher than high and feel like you are able to do anything.TO be a KING of your ZONE. Rare person. Almost legendary possible MYTH to society. HIGHEST OF HIGHS. KING OF KINGS. Queen of QUEENS.
Man I just bought some Versace and ima wear it wit my jordans its some nxtsht

Man that kush was some NxtSht im mad high I feel like im on some NxtSht

Man your crazy are you on some NxtSht

Riding in that NxtSht

Yall see her she on that NxtSht she fly as fuck ima holla at her.

Man he went crazy he was on some NxtSht I don't even know

You just blew my mind, but I understand you just spoke some NxtSht to me

My last bitch wasn't loyal ima find a nxt one im on NxtSht
by King Link January 30, 2014
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