(verb): to hijack a conversation; to initiate a ballsy segue
"Did'ja see how that there guy nutwrenched the conversation? From 'Sarah Palin', to 'parasailin'! Jeez..."
by bsmechanic September 27, 2008
Top Definition
To have ones bollocks pulled to the point of no return, kindof like on back to the future, but not.
woah, nigel, your bollocks are so low, it looks like you've had a nutwrench
by minaturepolo November 10, 2010
Nutwrench means that they are a younger annoying person that is a twat and there trying to be cool,

also they are kinda like a punk ass.
"shut up ya little Nutwrench!!!"
by Skizzfreshninjapirate June 03, 2015
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