A shortened form of nothing. But adopted, at least in central australia, to also mean no one. Also replaces no as a prefix as in "Nuth-one" for no-one. Note: Everynuth is a way of expressing nuth/no very strongly.. as in do u like soulja boy? EveryNUTH!
Hey man did u buy any smokes? Nuth
Did anyone come over last night? Nuth
Who are u with? Nuth-one
by declanisromped April 20, 2008
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a shortened version of the word "nothing"
wadda you up to? Nuth.
by mike sylvester February 09, 2007
The act of laughing at something that's supposed to be sad.
(the end of spider-man 3)

*people are all crying*

Marilyn & Natali: Ahahhaa!!
Natali: Wait, did we just nuth that?
by Natali K May 05, 2007

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