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Having no true thoughts or ideas of your own while firmly believing in old, outdated nonsense shoved down your throat as a child or young adult. Furthermore, being quasi-illiterate and having an abundance of ferocious home-grown loveless religion bursting from within. Nutfish are distant relatives of nutcases.
Only a nutfish believes they have to die in order to live and that someone else will save them from their perverted and madhatter ways.

Infamous Nutfishes Include:
Jerry Falwell
Rush Limbaugh
Pat Robertson
Most Priests, Pastors, and Clergy
Reverend Al Sharpton
Any moron who asks you to send money on his behalf so he can still have limo drivers and prostitutes and while his clueless wife thinks he is giving Bible study.

Can I hear a Amen?
by Sashas Mum October 19, 2009
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