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a person preforming the act of sucking on a nut sac, scrotum, ball bag, sac, wrinkle bag, man luggage, etc.
Shut your mouth when your talking to me you nut suck.
by yoursFITS December 28, 2010
n. Proper name given to Chris, describing the explanatory act of sucking on one's nuts, scro, or bag.
Scobie is a flailing nut suck, with your nuts on his mind and his tongue on your nuts.
by Balls December 01, 2004
The common belief that when a man's balls are tired, they become moody, and because of the man's genetalia-driven mindset he is susceptible to this horrible emotion change and is thus plagued with the dreaded nutsuck
If you don't get some sleep now, you'll just piss everybody off with your nutsuck.
by Broseph Chasm May 13, 2006
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