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Having the best flush possible in poker. Often misunderstood as an ace high flush. In some games of poker, like omaha or hold'em, there will be the possibility of a straight flush and an ace high flush would be beat. When this happens, an ace high flush (unless it is the royal flush) is NOT the best hand, thus, it IS NOT the nut flush.
K J of diamonds, 2 of Spades
9 of diamonds
2 of Clubs

Your hole cards: 10 Q of diamonds

Your opponents hole cards: A 7 of diamonds

opponent: "I've got the nut flush!"
You: "No, idiot, you have the seconds nut flush; I have the nut flush; I have a straight flush 9 through King, you just simply have an Ace high flush. I win, YouJustGotPwnd."
by Bad Beat May 26, 2007
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Oral sex performed on a male.
I got a nut flush from the girl over there.
by Coldceller January 20, 2005
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