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a state of being in which you are past the point of exhaustion and have rebooted into an artificial energy.

signs of "nurpie" are as such: many things (most of them, completely ridiculous) seem hilarious to you, you make strange remarks, you ramble on and on about random things, you have conversations with yourself, and uncontrollable laughter occurs.

most commonly occurs between the hours of midnight and four am. naturally, most often involving teenagers.

"nurpie" is basically the same thing as "slap happy" just sounds more appealing.
charlotte- " i just called her, she was going to...oh my gosh! look at that chip! it looks exactly like president nixon. you know what?..i don't even know what that dude looked like, so nevermind. i have to pee. have you ever wondered why "p"?...why not "f" or one of the other twenty-four letters? you know what?..i bet if letters were like people, all the letters would be prejudiced against "p" because he's associated with urination."

logan- "uhhh..yeah. someone's a little nurpie tonight. frick."
by copelotte May 24, 2008
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