a word to describe a girl, who is cute, but makes retared moose noises!
eric: hey, how are you?
Nunu: not bad

eric: thats cool, im bored
Nunu: then why did you phone!! *MOOSE CALL!*
by roflmahcopter March 14, 2010
Top Definition
Bangla word for penis
my nunu hurts
by dick1234554321 June 21, 2009
(n.) a term of endearment similar to honey, baby, sweetie, or lovebug
You are the cutest little nu-nu I've ever seen.
by calvertcountynu-nu February 01, 2011
Nunu: noun, male private part, penis.
Etimolgy: nunu is a word for penis or sex organ of both sexes, came from Bengali/Bangla language, especially Bangladeshi Bengali via Bangladeshi immigrants/diaspora of the UK and the USA.
How big is your nunu? Is it a cut nunu?
by Beautiful Bangladesh January 03, 2012
A old man who masturbates to baby porn
Oh Clayton stop beating your meat to that poor child!! You are being a Nunu!
by the Nunu king February 28, 2015
a gun
from re-akshon by killa mike
i pulled that nu nu out
by Spinbad May 21, 2004
Someone who snorts a lot of drugs, like the hoover in the Teletubbies, Noo-Noo who went about snorting everything.
That boy is a real nunu head, hes always snorting.
by WarlockHeadlock March 01, 2012
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