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when you smoke a lot of weed and you CANNOT resist the urge to nap. like it just knocks you the fuck out. you're with your friends, all laughing, all high, and then you sit on the couch and the nunchies just jump you and you're snoring within five seconds.

nap munchies yadigg
stoner 1: whoa whoaa where's kyle.. i haven't seen him in like twenty minutes

stoner 2: attack of the nunchies bro. he's spooning some pillows on your couch right now

stoner 1: fuck, he'll be passed out til dinner time. MY MOM IS MAKING BURRITOS uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss
by papayaface November 11, 2010
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An ugly girl, but still do-able.
"Man dude, that chick is so nunchy, oh hell...ill fuck her".
by Zach Phillis April 04, 2008

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