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To nuke someone is to get revenge on them by finding something so awful and embarrassing and disgusting about them and sharing it with gossipy girls and watching the damage ensue!
Markie was a little bitch and stole a girl from me just becaues I bought her candy, so I sent out a nuke on that retarded bastard and it worked. he won't get to rape any drunk freshmen anymore
by jesse September 10, 2006
THE NUKE!!!!!!! - ugliest of the ugly. like wtf happened to you i cant stop looking at how ugly you are lmao
the nuke is someone so ugly you keep looking at there face to see what went wrong theres not much more to say you gotta see it urself but you wil know they are hard to miss
by Jaipal August 29, 2010
another word for nuclear or "to shoot a nuclear missle at them"
"lets nuke the bastard!"
"They have a nuke!"
by MrFront March 04, 2005
Some nasty thingies that the government has, but that really leet hax0rs can also use to fux0r your connection, so beware!
You're being such a lamer you're asking to get your ass nuked out.
by Hugh G Rection September 17, 2003
A great weapon in Starcraft. Cloak a Ghost or two after you have a few silos armed and send them in to your enemy's base. The point of impact is indicated by a lazer point over the designated target.
noob:Hey, that looks like a lazer pointer...
voice: nuclear launch detected
noob: hey you didn't say there was nukes!
*noob was eliminated*
by Cpt.Bob October 06, 2003
To completly annihilate an entire area.
Let's NUKE the middle east and turn it to a glass parking lot. (usaully said with hand motions and sound effects)
by kaydoodiloveyou June 13, 2007
that hXc drug from That Robocop movie thats dealt by the little kid that Robocop can't kill because he's a kid. The horror!
i shot nuke in my dick
by Kid Smelly September 17, 2004
Same concept as a hand grenade except these chicks are far worse, and much more disgusting. It is recommended to abort any attempts to associate with any groups of chicks that contain a nuke, since "jumping" on it will not save your friends. It is also highly recommended to evacuate the establishment if a nuke has been discovered as they are highly destructive.
gentlemen #1: "Oh shit, you see that chick over there?"
gentlemen #2 "You mean that grenade?"
gentlemen #1: "That aint no grenade, that's a damn nuke."
gentlemen #2: "Shit, lets get the fuck out of here before that shit goes off."
by Eazy Money 75 August 25, 2010