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Human beings with no arms and legs.
I have this idea for a porn site that is gonna be all nuggets, all the time.
by Nug Love October 31, 2010
53 35
1. the testicles

2. an illegal drug, in, raw, (such as cannabis), pill, or crystal form
The doctor insisted that the reason my nuggets were sore from shaving the regrowing hairs too much.
by The Return of Light Joker March 13, 2011
28 13
In Scotland, a nugget means "idiot" in it's purest term. You can use nugget in both an offensive and friendly context.
Offensive: "Whit u lookin at, ya fuckin nugget"

Friendly: "Aw, dinnae be a nugget man, lets gan get some drink"
by Scott T The Silver fox January 23, 2004
297 287
Someone who is not particularly smart. Or said something that doesn't make sense.
John: Omg, I accidentally put soap on my toothbrush instead of toothpaste!

Bill: Bro, You are such a nugget!
by MissQuackSter November 02, 2012
13 8
Big green, buds with plenty of red hairs surrounding them. Sometimes colors range froma dark green to a whiter green. Never stale or in the shake like stage
" whered you get those nuggets from?!, Mexico?!?!?"
by dude its steve January 24, 2004
162 159
This is a prank were you would empty out somebody's backpack, flip it inside out, and place all the stuff back inside the inside-out backpack. Usually can be seen done at Evanston Township High School.
Guy1: Dude can you get me a drink
Guy2: Yea sure I'll be right back (guy2 leaves)
Guy1: Guys nugget his backpack
Guy3: Yea hand it to me under the table and tell me when he is coming

Guy2: (3 minutes later) He's coming
Guy3: Here put it back
Guy1: Dude WHAT THE HELL why the fuck would you nugget me!
by boomboommalibu April 04, 2011
7 5
A small morsel of delight.
chicken nugget, nugget of weed, small delightful person
by sleepfortheteam April 04, 2010
34 32