another slang term for defacation. Can be used to describe both animal and human events.
Dude, I gotta go drop some nuggets.
Ok Fido, it's time to drop some nuggets. Be a good boy.
by DocP October 20, 2006
A slang term for the balls used in a game of foosball.
I am going to knock my nuggets into your goal so hard, you won't even be able to see them go in.
by Nahat May 03, 2006
They used to be chicken but now they are made with "white chicken". I wonder with was shit they were made in before!
"Mmmmmm...Mc Nuggets! now with white chicken! they are soooo much better!"....right....
by cia January 26, 2004
One who over-tries and fails to be liked by both his/her own and the opposite sex. Time, money and dignity are no object when it comes to human companionship.
"Dude, i'm broke, nuggets over there will buy us drinks if we talk to him."

"I'm sad. Nuggets will be my shoulder to cry on and all I have to do in return is accept jewely from him."
by LANC September 15, 2006
psycopath or other mentally ill person
"aww wit that f*cker's pure nuggets, he just burn that hoose doon! haw haw cough! cough! oh wit they're cheap fags!
by toby nagle February 05, 2004
A super slutty group of girls who are alchoholics and pill poppers.
Nugget 2: FUCK YEAH!
Nugget 1: oh..what happened last night? my crotch burns...where are my panties? where are my nuggets?
by Rudeboys Love Rudegirls July 15, 2006
(Only heard in Scotland so far...)
Pissed, as in drunk. Inebriated.
"He might fall asleep in the taxi, but he's not totally nuggets."
by Lucy July 23, 2005

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