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Nugget free egg be very good. Nugget free egg is egg but with no nugget. you like? if you no like nugget free egg you get killed by pineapple tonight. Enjoy feeding turtle taco with nugget free egg. i master of nugget free egg and nugget free cheese. have fun. I can see you. I'm watching you. Look behind you. you cant see me because i'm invisible. But i'm going to buy you a rack of nugget free egg ok? good good. good day my potato. Great carrot.
carrot: "I like your nugget free egg!"
onion: "thanks i got it from yo mumma"
carrot: "My mumma makes nugget free egg?"
onion: "No, i got it from master of nugget free egg and cheese."
carrot: "JULIA?"
carrot:"omg!!! -fangirling-"
MASTER OF NUGGET FREE EGG: "i see you reading this you manwhore darryn. i see you."
by personnumber993890859035 September 16, 2013

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