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One's inventory of marijuana buds.
" My nugatory is running low. I shouldn't of smoked that blunt last night"

"I need to restock my nugatory"
by steezeninja October 06, 2011
A Hollowayism defining a place to buy nuggets or defining a waste of time.
'The whole thing should be seen as nugatory and a complete waste of my time and effort.'
'Putting lipstick on a bulldog is a nugatory process.'
'Am off to the nugatory to score some weapons grade nuggets!'
by bertroot October 31, 2007
A seemingly endless period of time when your older brother viciously rubs his knuckles back and forth across your head, which serves as a means for you atoning for some egregious action against him (e.g. embarassing him when he brought a girl home, borrowing his autographed baseball, telling your parents about his stash of girlie magazines).
"After I busted Bill's Little League trophy, he put me in nugatory for a full ten minutes."
by pseudonymous rex May 21, 2009