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an improvement on an already sweet phrase. Makes it more entertaining to say.
Man that guy that got hit in the head with a baseball bat was nucking futs.
by Chris Arsena September 04, 2003
Slightly less vulgar term for "fucking nuts."
You're nucking futs if you say that to a cop!
by Beef Brady February 03, 2003
An anagram of fucking nuts first used in the movie "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star".
50 million people used to watch him on TV. Now he washes their cars. -- That's nucking futs!
#crazy #nuts #fucking nuts #loony #stupid
by koolkalifornia October 22, 2005
1.another term for fucking nuts that is used to describe someone crazy , insane, lunatic , balistik or just fucking nuts.
2. 2 words that make really slow people think
If you're curled up in a ball and swaying back and forth in a room of the mental hospital you're probably nucking futs.
#nucking #futs #fucking #nuts #lunatics
by anonymous guest March 03, 2008
More formal or classroom appropriate way of saying Fucking Nuts.
When people show up late for class, it drives me Nucking Futs.
#fucking #cursing #crazy #fucking nuts #angry
by NervousClassGoerSaysRoar April 08, 2011
to be extrmely fucking nuts
Dude Connor Slaybaugh is nucking futs.
#ass #homo #fuck #fuck off #shit #dick #gay #penis
by l was here May 29, 2008
a term used to say fucking nuts in front of a parent, teacher, etc.; 2. crazy, fucked up
that roller coster was nucking futs.
#fucking nuts #fucking awsome #insane #bitchen #crazy
by RHughesy May 31, 2009
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