brass (metal) knuckles
"Sucker came outa the shower, found no clothes left to be clanked in, got spotted in the eye by nucs and nuggets."

by noixz January 14, 2009
Top Definition
1. Nickname for a sailor trained to operate a Navy nuclear power plant. Navy nuclear power has zero tolerance for error, so nucs train day-in and day-out, and are constantly monitored. Hence, being a nuc is very arudous and stressful. Add this to the bureaucracy and politicization of nuclear power, and a nuc's life is a living hell.
A nuc never has a nice day <:'-(
by Dan Weyandt October 09, 2008
Next Unit of Computing or NUC refers to a small form factor PC designed by Intel.
Intel broadwell NUCs will arrive in 2015
by yorgaraz December 15, 2014
a shorter, easier way of saying the word nucca, meaning nigga, or nig
damn, fuck that nuc!
by Jermaine Rutt July 02, 2006
NUC, an acronym for "No Ugly Chicks", can be used in multiple ways. It can be applied to simply represent a woman with an ugly face, as in "did you see that UC?", a label - such as "UC Emily", or as a literal translation of its meaning; "Come to my party - NUC!"

While derogatory, its generally considered good taste not to tell UC's what the acronym means. If confronted as to the meaning by an ugnly female, come up with a definition; "No uninteresting Conversations," etc. It's imperative you dont let an UC know what the definition is - lest you have to look her in her ugly ass face
"Hey, invite people to the party, but NUC!"
by Super Dillon August 22, 2008
A jew that lacks a heterosexualality.
I got nuc'd. Fuck nucs over in Isreal.
by WhakiPaki April 26, 2003
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