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The word "nubist" is a synonym of "noob".

Types of nubism/nubist's religion:
1. A person who new to a place and doesn't want to improve.

2. A person who makes mistakes really often and doesn't improve much.
1. A nubist always writes in his own language: "LOL, LMAO, ROFL, stFU /../, i r teh r0xx0rz liek emin3m, u cna go tO EHLL OR ATLE4St help m3 wit hthIS!!111!!!!!!!1~~1!!``!! LOLLOLOLLOLOLlOoLLOlollLLl u n00b!"

2. A lazy person who always acts like a slobber or talks nonsense.
by Gotio February 26, 2011

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