Typically a man of African American decent who has lost an extremity due to a cock fight accident. After these men suffer such horrible injuries they are forced to work at a Taco bell with their little stumps or otherwise known as Nubs. As the studies from Arlington Heights Nuby study center shows these men almost always work the cash register and when handed crumpled up bills these men slap the money against their little stumps or commonly known as nubs.
"Oh my god Daniel did you see that mans nub"
"HAHAH he has a nub"
"Wes wishes he became a Nub from a cockfight"
" Ricky Can't be in cock fights because of a certain reason, pertaining to the issue of having a cock"
" Myles wanker is a nub, think of an asians penis"
by Ryan Parker the first November 27, 2005
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one who sucks at a particular video game, they are not new to the game, but possess some determent that prevents them from playing well, no matter how long they practice playing the game.
synonyms- a Dan Wood, noob, newbie, newb
antonyms- an Alex, elite, 1337, leet
Boy 1: OMG a triple kill! I own at this game!

Boy 2: None of them were moving you nub?!
by miacane007 May 20, 2005
official definition: a internet acronym, similar to "noob". HOWEVER, whilst a NOOB is someone who is lame/idiotic because he is new, a NUB is someone who has had the opportunity to learn something new, but never did, and is therefore idiotic/stupid.
"everyone who fucked up the definition of nub in this page is a nub".
by Dane February 26, 2005
worse than a n00b. a nub is someone who persistently makes poor decisions. and is in general terms an idiot. only the nub is unaware of their state of nubness, nubs can be easily identified, as nubness is an incurable and obvious affliction.
sam and matt got high and played xbox instead of hanging out with pretty girls. what nubs.
by meggles, hatatat, & pigwideon April 27, 2009
N.U.B. or NUB is an acronym for a long used expression in the U.S. Navy that means Non-Useful Body. Usually a term given to those recently out of school and have yet to learn the ways of being a true sailor.

Submariners in the U.S. Navy usually use this term towards those who have not qualified for submarines, an arduous task which ends in the sailor being presented his "Dolphins" and being accepted as no longer being a NUB.
All of these kids confusing the word n00b with this word are NUBs
by RMCS SS/DV November 22, 2007
plural of nub, a player who exhibits negative skill
player: why are you shooting at each other? you're on a team
nubs: yeah, we're winning
player: fucking nubs
by dan456 August 22, 2006
Someone with no arms or legs, so they have nubs, so they are nubs.

From a NOFX song.
Dude, shes got no arms or legs.
Yeah dufus, shes nubs.
by George November 21, 2004
A nub is a version of noob, except a nub is when someone has been doing something for a long period of time and is still stupid and has no clue what they are doing.
Jake: That teacher is a nub...
Shannah: yeah i know, shes been doing this for like what, 30 years? And she claims she knows how to put a computer back together.
by Shann`uh September 23, 2007
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