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Nice Try Buddy.

Can be used in a good way or bad way.
Good: ntbud.
by Diego "Cheater" Dutra February 27, 2005
Not Today Buddy.

nót - tódäy - búddÿ
Can be used instead as a response to an invitation.

Your friend asks you if you want to go to the movies. You reply "NT Bud." as saying "Not today buddy."

Can also be used sarcastically.

Your friend says he'll reach the rim before you in basketball, so you reply "NT Bud!" as a way of saying "Yeah Right!"
Not Today Buddy not today buddy
If someone asks you to go somewhere, and you don't want to go, you answer "NT Bud!" meaning "Maybe later or something."

Also used to discourage. If someone says that they'll be able to touch rim (basketball) before you do (and you're taller than them,) you can say "NT Bud!" as "Not with your height!"
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