Derived from "New Sports X"
by Soichiro Honda September 06, 2003
A cheap ripoff of a Ferrari

see NoSeX
ricer: Yo man! my NSX gots an APEXi exhaust and NAWWWZZZZ man! I will beat ur Camaro!!

Camaro guy: haha! I will put my pink slip on you losing!

(ricer races Camaro and loses horribly)

Camaro guy: cool! Now I got another car I can put on eBay and sell! It belongs in the junkyard but I guess I could make a couple bucks off the NoSeX
by James Lowe January 28, 2008
Honda engeneering company's mid engined sports car. Sold as an Acura in North America and as a Honda elsewhere.

A shity loser car that costs over $80,000 yet has the less engine power (torque) than an Grand Prix GTP. Truly a sad piece of shit.
by Obsidian March 14, 2003
A great, expensive Japanese sports car, but in the end just a Ferrari wannabe.
You got an NSX? Well, cry dude! This is a Ferrari!
by Da_Nuke January 03, 2005
possibly the worst price per performance car ever made.

A corvette z06 costing half its price smokes it in EVERy category including handling,braking,quartermile, and 0-60.

That is fact 100 percent.
THE rich bung-hole bought his NSX only to be smoked by a z06 driven by a smart motha fuqa.
by ef October 31, 2003
Another floater in the pool of slow asian imports. Very sad is the fact that people would be willing to drop 80k on a car with a V6 when you can get a Corvette Z06 with a V8 and 145 more horse power for thirty thousand less.
My mom raced an NSX in her minivan and won.
by real racer August 17, 2003

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