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Originated from the use of 'np' (no problem), but that just wasn't enough. Some people translate it into 'No Problem No problem'. However, it is a word in itself and was created by Mark and James. It is used after making a point, after owning someone, to act cool and many other uses. It usually deserves its own message and line. Also, prunounced "en pee en pee" and can be used just as often verbally.
1. Mark: tbh
Mark: Just ran over an old woman
Mark: npnp
James: npnp

2. James: That homework was easy, pic of wife
Mark: npnp?
James: npnp

3. *anything was said*
Mark: Ah, npnp

4. James: Just got HoM, Stood at brit bank all:
James: "npnp"
by MarkR October 31, 2006
Acronym for: No Pic No Proof

Usually used online after someone's statement. It is used to ask for an image for proof of the statement said.
(14:08:47) <%Wevills> hmmm..1 sec need a shit
(14:09:10) <@Dr_Matt> npnp
by deathbylonners June 14, 2007
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