A typical young male usually suffering from delusions of adequacy.
There are more nozzles in here than at the douche factory.
by bob h boberson April 16, 2008
Top Definition
Jack is such a nozzle. He's always acting like a son-of-a-bitch!
by -Connie August 01, 2003
The part of a douche bag that goes inside of a vagina. It is used as an insult, and is considered worse than just being called a douche or douche bag.
Joe Blow is such a nozzle.
by JM789 March 03, 2010
To rub your nose against someone. Usually to show affection or to annoy those that would not want to receive affection without making oneself appear homosexual.
Casper nozzled Harry's shoulder because Casper knew it would annoy Harry.

Ollie: "Oh no Harry, you just got nozzled!"
by Casper Willcock April 18, 2007
v.t. "nozzle" is a verb which means, "to rouse another individual by inserting an object in his or her nose." Usually, this is a tactic used for waking up someone who is sleeping or who has passed out due to intoxication. Although many objects may be used to nozzle someone, the instrument of choice is a twizzler because it has maximum rigidity without the drawback of causing actual damage to the recipient's nasal cavity.
"Nozzled you my friend." Steve Butawbi (Will Ferrell) in Night at the Roxbury.
by Chagrin94 August 09, 2005
Nostril, Nose, Nozzle.
GOD! he has a huge nozzle, I could fit my head inside.
by Josue25 August 01, 2005
a way to describe NO!! without sounding too harsh. Pronounced no-z-ls, it is a feminine exclamation that can be used in a jocular manner or can be said with severity and get a guy to stop shagging you when you dont want it.
It must be said in a girly voice.
oh nozzles!! not my toes!!
oh nozzles, struan, i want chocolate cake!!
oh nozzles, im having sex!! NOZZLES!!!!
by Bugsy Scotland M January 18, 2008
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